New Feature - Renewal intention sms (BETA release)

To help streamline your tenant communication you can now sms your tenants requesting them to reply with their renewal intentions.
1 - I want to renew
2 - I want to vacate
3 - I am unsure, call me to discuss

it will help assist you in working faster and more efficient way.

You can access the feature from the renewals tab, and it will "traffic light" their reply for you in the dashboard.

New Feature - Rent increase letter (NSW only)
We have added the rent increase letter in the document center. The agent sending the rent increase letter will be the signing agent and also CC'ed on the email sent.

Feature update - Multiple rent increases (NSW lease)
You now have the functionality to add multiple rent increases to a lease agreement, please ensure multiple rent increases comply with the legislation.

read the below article to learn how.

Feature update - Change assigned agent from any status
We have increased your ability to switch which agent is assigned to a document so it can now be changed from any document stage (draft, sent for signing etc). Please see below to confirm the assigned agent logic:

The assigned agent (shown above) will have their details on all communication to the tenant. If agent A is assigned to the document and agent B logs in and clicks "send for signing", the emails sent will have agent A’s details on the communication.

The only time this is different is for signing a document, an agent can never access another staff members signature. So like above if agent A is assigned, but agent B signs the lease, the PDF will have agents B’s signature and the email will have agent A’s details.

Payment methods
We have added the option for “other” in payment method for agents to choose and any payment text they require.

New Feature - Statistics

We have provided some simple average rent graphs to help visualize some market trends. The data is live and is collected from completed leases in FLK it over so is indicative only of market trends.

The team @ FLK it Over

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