Property Management Agreement - Mobile version 🎉
Ideal for a busy Business Development Manager, we have now added mobile functionality to create property management agreements on your phone. This means if you're on the run or at an appraisal, you can create and send the agreement to your landlord on the spot using your mobile device.

How it works:
1. login to on your mobile to get started
2. Select if you would like to create a new agreement or view your dashboard
3. Choose to create an agreement from scratch or use one of your templates
4. Enter any details that aren't included in your template eg. landlord details, property address.
5. Review and send for signing - it's that simple!

*Please note PM mobile is a BETA release and we welcome any feedback on this feature.

Document Centre
We've updated the look and functionality of your document centre, see below for what has changed:

  • Renewed menu

  • You now have the capability to preview the PDF document

  • Rent relief agreements are now split up into different status' (draft, sent for signing, awaiting completion & complete - just like your leases)

  • We've added active/cancelled tabs - Termination notices and rent increases that need to be resent with different terms you can now cancel and clone or just cancel the document, we will store the cancelled documents and the reason for you if you need them for future reference.

  • The audit trail feature is now available for all documents

The team @ FLK it Over 😀

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