June release notes

Agency and agent reporting tool
Want to know your agency's activity for the month, quarter or even the past 6 months? We have released an agency reporting tool that allows you to generate a report showing your staff's activity for the selected period. This report includes information such as renewals completed, rent increases and more for the selected period.

Additionally, you can click on an individual team member to view the addresses of the agreements sent, the term and whether or not the landlord information statement had been sent.

Rent increase integration
Integration with PropertyMe and PropertyTree for rent increase letters is now live! When you create a rent increase from scratch the tenant's name and contact details will pre-populate. Additionally, once the increase has been created, the completed document will then be pushed back to PropertyMe or PropertyTree.

ACT lease agreement
Great news FLK lease agreements are now available for ACT! If you would like to arrange training or know of any agencies in ACT that would like a free trial of FLK, please reach out to us via live chat!

Water usage update
Based on feedback water usage will not have a default selection of “no” and now require selection when preparing a lease.

As always, we would love any feedback on our latest releases!

The team @ FLK it Over :)

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