We are extremely excited to release a completely customisable document "create a Flk". Create a FLK will allow you to build any on-boarding, questionnaire, or document you need and send it to the tenant for review and signing via sms, then generate a PDF version for you. Create-a-FLK also has a template feature to ensure it is powerful and time efficient as possible for your office.

The below are just a few example of what this can be used for:

- Direct debit authorities

- Pet requests for exisiting tenancies
- Vacate confirmations
- Staff leave or sick day requests forms

- Auction reserve letters
- Owner proof of identity confirmations

Please watch the video below to get a full tour of this feature.

We have updated FLK A PDF to now have the capability to add multiple clients to sign the one document. In addition to this, you can now select the signature placements on the document - watch the below video to learn how to use the updates.

UPGRADE - tenant SMS renewal intention

  • FLK will now send an email to the agent once the tenant has replied with their renewal intention

  • If the tenant wants to renew and replies 'yes', FLK will then send sms asking for their preferred new lease term and include this in the email to you

    Updates to sales agreement
    We have made general updates and improved the formatting of our sales agreements.

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