Welcome to 2022, we are excited for another big year at FLK it Over with lots of new features being released! Below is our latest release which includes major upgrades to our customisable documents.

FLK a PDF & Create a FLK updates

Integrations - contact search
We have integrated FLK a PDF and Create a FLK with your property management system (Propertytree and Propertyme), so now when sending a document we will pull through your landlord or tenant's data into the contact details fields.

Ability to lock documents
Sending a private document that you do not want all staff members to see such as commission statement or leave request form? you can now lock your FLK a PDF document so only you or chosen staff members can have access.

Ability to add text to the PDF
Wanting to add a name or date before sending your PDF? You can now add text onto the PDF through FLK adding your signature placements.

For documents that regularly sent via FLK a PDF such as change of shared tenancy form or key sheets, you can now create a template so all clauses are pre-filled meaning you only need to enter client specific information.

Audit trail (create a FLK and FLK a PDF)
We have added the audit trail feature both create a FLK and FLK a PDF.

Lease and property management agreement improvements

Landlord information statement
Once the lease has been executed your LLIS statement will now be pushed to integrations.

Extend expiry time
Tenant or landlord didn't sign the agreement in time? you can now add extra time onto the agreement through your dashboard then choose how long you wish to add. Additionally the tenant will receive an sms advising the link has been reactivated.

Updates to Rent increase feature (NSW only)

You can now change the method of delivery for rent increase notices.

If you have any questions on our latest release or would like to arrange and training, please contact us via live chat.

The team @ FLK it Over

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