We have some exciting expansions this release - check it out below!

Create a FLK Templates
To help speed up your offices' processes, we have created commonly used communication templates for you to use. When you begin to create a FLK you will see the below global templates to select from.

Admins also have the ability to enable / disable both templates created by the office or global templates created by FLK.

If there are any communication or documents you use currently and that we don't have a template for, please feel to send through suggestions in the text box.

Note: We do recommend your licensee to run their eye over the templates to ensure they're happy with the format and comply with your offices' processes.

Integration search
We have integrated with our property management software partners for FLK a PDF and Create a FLK, if you start typing the clients or trades name where circled, their contact information will come through to these features.

Watch the below video to see how integrations and templates work!

Upgrades to Lease, Property Management and Sales Agreements

Document upload increase
We have increased the document upload capability from 6mb to 100MB (this is great news for agents who attach condition reports to your leases!). Any document over 10mb will converted to a link attachment to ensure your emails still arrive to your client correctly.

Tenant / Landlord / Vendor is a corporation ?
There is now specific functionality to handle this scenario on your documents with company specific input fields. We have also updated execution page when the signor is a corporation to accommodate these fields.

Update terms and conditions
As we are also now providing templates, we've update T&Cs, if you could like to review the new terms & conditions please click on the link below.

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