What is changing – QLD are making changes to their legislation. The changes are coming into effect on OCT 1st.

FLK it over’s process – We will be updating FLK and closed for maintenance from 10pm 30th September -6am 1st October.

How does this affect you – all leases in FLK should be finalised prior to 10pm 30th September, any leases pending in sent for signing or awaiting completion will have any processing/signing activity removed.

Why – We create PDFs by merging code so there can’t be two versions of code live. If a tenant reviewed and signed a lease before 10pm on the 30th September and then it is completed by you after this time, you would be finalising/creating a different document to the one the tenants have reviewed and signed.

What if a tenant signs a lease and it’s in awaiting completion – You will need to complete it prior to 10pm on the 30th September, after that time the lease that’s available in FLK it over will be different to what the tenant reviewed and signed.

What if 2/3 tenants sign and it gets to 10pm 30th September – The same scenario as above, if the 3rd tenant signed after 10pm they would be reviewing a different document than tenants 1 & 2. When the update is complete, the above lease would be moved back to drafts, all signatures would be removed, and the lease would need to be resent to the tenants for review and signing.

Below is how a lease will be affected in each stage at 10pm 30th September:



Sent for signing

will be moved back to draft and any signing activity lost

Awaiting completion

Will be canceled and moved back to draft (even though the tenants have signed if you try and complete the lease after we release the updated code it will create a lease with the new legislation. The tenants have signed by reviewing the old legislation so the document would be invalid).



What do we recommend:

We would recommend sending all leases with link expiry times prior to 1st October and communicating to the tenant that they need to sign prior to you leaving work that day.

Ensure that you:

- Communicate the signing timeline clearly to tenants

- Before you leave work on Friday 30th September, follow up any leases in sent for signing

- Complete all leases in awaiting completion

- Cancel any leases that are in sent for signing and are not completed. This will move them back to drafts. You can resend them on Saturday 1st October or thereafter with the new legislation applied.

The team @ FLK it Over

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