Queensland Legislation - what actions needed in FLK this week
Queensland legislation updates come into effect October 1st, please click on the below link to see what needs to be done in FLK to ensure you are prepared for the changes.

Queensland legislation - New functionality to assist with issuing of Form 12
To learn how new functionality in FLK it over will assist you with issuing form 12 or scheduling the issuing of form 12 please click on the below.

General updates

Document creation button
We have relocated the the document creation button for ease of use - you'll now find it in the top rights (as shown below).

FLK A PDF - Instant upload
We are all about making things easy at FLK and it has never been easier to FLK a PDF for signing, with our new feature you can forward an email with a PDF attached directly to your dashboard. FLK will upload it, name it, then email you a link back to launch FLK. You can also send multiple PDFs in the email

Tenancy agreements and Renewals
You can now clear all expired agreements in Awaiting Renewals tab to keep your dashboard clean and up to date! It's great for agents that are using our renewal sms intention feature.

Terminations and Rent increases
If there is ever a failure to generating a document for a termination notice or a rent increase FLK notifies you in the platform. We have will expanded this functionality to alert you via email as well so it cant be missed.

Retract the offer of a lease
If you decide to retract the offer of a lease, you can now trigger this in FLK it
Over. All you need to do is enter a reason why, choose if you want FLK to notify the tenants. This will then move the lease to the new “cancelled” lease tab.

For all users FLK A Key free trial has been extended to 1st February 2023, if you would like to know more about this feature, please reach out or watch a video below about this feature

South Australia
We've expanded.. we are now available in South Australia! We now have leases and also long term renewal forms available SA. Please reach out if you would like access to this feature or know an agent that would like to use FLK

Victoria Property Management Agreement
Great news! Vic property management agreement is here, if you would like to be a part of our BETA phase, please reach out to us via live chat.

The team @ FLK it over

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